Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall 2009 College Book Rush was a HUGE success! Hundreds of students were able to save money, post books for sale, and find the books they needed.  Keep using those online boards to help the University go GREEN!

Keep checking out the boards and posting up other things you need to sell! More and more people are using every single day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What? No way.

Congratulations all around! GYS is a service for college students!

Guamyardsale is now linked from the University of Guam website.
A link to our free classified ads can be found under the 'students' section on the main page of the website.

Check it out at

GYS is completely free for students to use. So please post away all you want! There's nothing to lose.

W00t we have a blog! now has an official blog! This blog is meant to help keep you up to date with our latest developments.

GYS was originally created to help University of Guam students go green by reducing paper waste around campus. Instead of posting hundreds of flyers on bulletin boards, students can now post ads for textbooks, electronics, cars, or anything for completely FREE online!

Visit the main site at

All you need to do in order to post ads is REGISTER. It's that easy!